Test your python application beyond your code !


Write clear, robust and easy-to-execute system integration tests with your favorite test framwork like pytest, unittest or event BDD framework as robot framework or behave.

  • it starts the services needed to run your test

  • it throws the longest fixtures only once whether you play a test or 100

  • it cleans files and data between each test

  • it runs on a developer’s workstation without configuration

  • it can be debugged step by step in your favorite IDE


  • You can get up and running with Fixtup in minutes, even on legacy project, no matter what your test framework is.

  • You will stop wasting your time on boilerplate code

  • Fixtup provides an easy way to run tests in debug in your favorite IDE like pycharm and vscode.

  • Fixtup is cross-platform which makes it easy to use it on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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